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The plants used in making our salves come from our gardens, are gathered wild from our land, or from plant matter or extracts that we buy in. Beeswax comes from a local Apiary, and our Lavender Oil is grown in Hawkes Bay too. We can't claim full organic status for our products, as some of our ingredients are difficult to source, or too expensive to buy organically, we now use locally grown Olive Oil, which is beautifully fresh and dynamic. We do buy in Essential Oils.

Our ointments are made using herbal macerations in Olive Oil. Maceration is the process of steeping fresh herbs in oil and leaving in the sun for several weeks, or gently heating the mixture to transfer the herbal oils from the plant into the oil. Beeswax is carefully added to give a firm consistency, (and contributes healing properties). This makes application and storage, cleaner and easier. This basic process is wonderfully timeless and probably varies little from the original methods that Wise Women and the early Monks used, (except that they used pig fat or goose grease!).

Our basic remedies are made with herbs macerated in Olive Oil, with beeswax. All contents are listed on the labels. All our products are G.E and Paraben free, and to the best of our knowledge we have avoided using any other ‘suspect’ ingredients. Our 60ml jars are brown glass, to prolong the quality of the ingredients. We recommend that where possible you store our products in a cool, dark place.
We’ve set ourselves up in a new workspace, which includes a purpose built kitchen, packing area and shop. We also run workshops for anyone interested in herbs, and their uses.

We strive for transparency in our business, and try to list our ingredients thoroughly. This can be a challenge as one constituent may become unavailable, or be changed with little notice. This is probably more of a problem with natural products, where new information and changes happen quite regularly. We do our best to keep up with the changes and adjust labels as soon as we can. We feel that we are improving our choices of ingredients all the time, and accessing more and more organic products.

Our son Giles, who is a graphic designer, has encouraged and cajoled us to get a more cohesive look. It has been a big effort for him (both the design and the cajoling) but the new labels look fresh and modern, and we're happy with the change.


Our products are registered with New Zealand Made.

  • We are very happy to continue using Matapiro Olive Oil.

  • We are lucky to have Lotus Oils just down the road from us in Waipukurau. They supply us with many of our essential oils as well as bulk oils like Almond and Safflower. Often a parcel will arrive on the same day we order, it's great to have a nearby supplier to keep our 'product miles' down. They also supply us with our new natural emulsifier which is derived from olives and is ECOCERT approved. 
  • We get Lavender Essential Oil from Stoney Creek, Maraekakaho. This is spray-free, organically grown, but not certified. It smells divine and has been seasoned for several years.
  • We get our beeswax from Kintail Honey in Takapau. They get their wax tested for Varroa control chemicals and have nil residues.
  • Another delicious smelling addition is organically grown Rose Hydrosol, this comes from Whakatane, made from Damask Roses, and is a far superior option to commercial Rosewater.
  • We’re also sourcing a lovely Organic Cider Vinegar from Levin. This is the basis of our Vinegar Hair Rinses and an ingredient in the Baby Wash Solution, as well as the D-Bug Headlice Removal Lotion. Luckily for us and you, these new additions haven’t cost the earth (no pun intended, but it’s quite a good line huh?).
  • Borax (Sodium borate) is a natural mineral, which is widely used in the cosmetic industry. It occurs naturally, created by the repeated evaporation of seasonal lakes. The largest deposits of Borax are found in California, the American Southwest, Chile and Tibet. We use it in small amounts as an emulsifier and preservative in some of our creams.
  • We now make our own Zinc and Castor Oil cream. It contains an Olive Oil based emulsifier (Cetearyl olivate and Sorbitan olivate), Castor Oil and Zinc Oxide powder (not the extremely fine one).

  • Naturagard® Ultra is accepted by ECOCERT as a preservative in certified organic cosmetics.

  • Barrier Gold supply us with Manuka Essential Oil grown on Great Barrier Island.

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