Welcome To Millstream Gardens


We are a small cottage industry. We work from home, and interweave making ointments and oils, packing orders, tending to our ramshackle herb and vegetable gardens with a whole range of activities associated with having a lifestyle block.

'Small is Beautiful' is our motto. We have resisted the pressure to expand a number of times, realising that expanding our business would compromise the way we grow our herbs and make our products.

"Our aim is and has always been, to provide natural remedies at an affordable price, using as many organic and/or locally grown ingredients as we can. We try to keep our product packaging simple and recyclable, and to use recycled paper and packing materials whenever we can."

Growing and harvesting with 'intent' and 'mindfulness' is an integral part of our business and we feel it would be hard to retain this core value if we had to outsource or grow on a larger scale.

We featured in a segment on Rural Delivery a couple of years ago and, much to our relief, we ended up looking alright, so we are happy to put it up here for you to watch at your leisure. Many thanks to the Rural Delivery team and the great job they did.